lafarge(ECOCEM) participate in Egy-Waste & Recycling Expo (EWRE Expo)

Lafarge "Ecocem" company ;leading company that works in the production of building materials announced its participation in the egyptian exhibition and conference for waste management and recycling technology which is the first of its kind in Egypt , North Africa and the Middle East .
During the conference which was attended by Dr. Khaled Fahmi, Minister of State for Environmental Affairs, Engineer Hussein Mansi CEO of Lafarge # Egypt represent the company overview in his speech through the opening ceremony, the company made a presentation to fund the proposed concrete garbage for use in the Egyptian streets as an alternative to the current Mineral boxes used at the present time.

Mansi said that the company intends to continue improving its practices regarding the use of alternative fuels at its plant to support sustainable development in the country, and stressed that the participation of Lafarge in this exhibition is an important step to achieve this goal.

He explained that the use of waste as a fuel has become one of the important steps   which studied carefully and incomplete aspects that add to the sites industrial company many competitive advantages and lead to improve the sustainability of operating with operations, and pointed out that the company put it upon themselves responsibility as a leader in the construction business solutions by providing services outside the scope of their work and specialization in order to meet the requirements of society.

It is noteworthy that the volume of waste generated in # Egypt is currently estimated at about 70 million tons per year, where 20 million tons comes from municipal solid waste, and 30 million tons of agricultural waste, and 20 million tons of waterways cleansing operations.
Residues include that benefit the industry by turning to alternative fuel both derived from municipal solid waste fuel, and biomass from agricultural residues, as well as used tires, waste oil and sludge from sewage, plastics and solvents consumed.

the recycling technology facing a variety of challenges and that will impede alternative fuel production processes, including the inadequacy of sanctions and the lack of obligations of waste producers .

(EWRE) Exhibition and conference aims to discussing and addressing these issues, and to clarify the important role that the cement industry can play in the waste management system.

 Lafarge # Egypt and Ecocem implemented several projects over the last three years in order to increase the use of alternative fuels and aims to achieve an average rate for the replacement of traditional fuels up to 25% by the end of 2015. The company has to address and the burning of more than 260 thousand tons of waste in factory Lafarge Ain Sokhna port city since 2013, which is equivalent to 100 thousand tons of natural fossil fuels, which are extracted from the ground.