opening of the Waste & Recycling Exhibition at (cicc), Cairo,Egypt.

Start of the International Exhibition and Conference for waste managment, recycling and renewable energy technology at the Cairo international convention center- Nasr City today and will run until May 2 under the auspices and attendance of each of the following ministers: Dr. / Khaled Fahmi ,Minister of Environmental Affairs
Dr. / Lilly Eskander Ministry of urban development and slum 
Dr./ Mounir Fakhri Abdel Nour, Minister of Industry and SMes 
Dr./ Salah Eddin Helal ,Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation 
Dr./ Ashraf Salman Minister of investment
Dr. / Khalid Ali ,Minister of Communications and Information Technology and the Prime Minister.

in the present of many of the international companies including: America, Spain, Italy, Austria, Taiwan, Germany, China and France, as well as to interested to work in the Egyptian market and international companies is expected to be several financing agreements and foreign grants in the field of waste recycling and offer financing opportunities for the sectors of solid waste recycling projects signed small by the Federation of Egyptian banks and the state sought within the framework of attention to the issue of hygiene, and in implementation of the plan of the Ministry of State for the development of urban slums and encourage investment in the field of Solid Waste Recycling and find out the latest global technology industry waste recycling.