Competitive Advantages

Competitive Advantages      

Power of Knowledge: our comprehensive database includes unique information resources which guide our stakeholders to their right pathway.

Long Experience: A professional staff with more than 13 years of experience in the field of organizing trade fairs & exhibitions industry is quite ready to provide your organization with the best solutions that suit its plan and policy.

Reach for Globalization: Depending on our international relations, partners and agents across Asia, North Africa and Europe, we as ATF’s team are quite ready to lead you globally and broaden your success across the Egyptian borders.

Strategic Guidance for Your Event: ATF is not concerned only with logistics and operational services, but it’s a strategic partner that will vitalize your event by developing its procedures, reinforce its public relations and media coverage. Besides helping you analyze the market demand for your event and figure out all possible ways to increase this demand.

Updated, Creative and Innovative: Thanks to our research and development experts and being a member in global international organizations such as AUIEC “Arab Union for International Exhibitions & Conferences” which is member in UFI“The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry”ATF is always kept updated with the latest trends in the industry in order to provide our client with modern and innovative solutions whether in his booth as an exhibitor or in his event as a co-organizer.

Always Your Partner: ATF is not just a trade show organizer which will provide you with an exhibiting area, ATF’s experience in the world of exhibitions will be always on your behalf to help you maximize your benefit from participation in its fairs, including providing your sales team with professional support, helping you in setting up your booth as well as shipping and logistical services.

Kind Relationships with Our Customers: According to our management policy and our Egyptian character, we as ATF team always consider the customer as a partner whose objectives are always on our desktop and included in our plan. The friendly permanent relationships between us and our clients make them feel relaxed and confident that we will be supporting them non-officially in case they face any critical situations before or during the event. Our mission is not just accomplishing our job but also helping you to accomplish your job efficiently.