Why Exhibitions

In the last few decades Conference and Exhibition Industry has experienced a rapid development rate, after its professionals had demonstrated to many sectors , foundations and organizations that events in general, and specifically conventions and trade fairs are effective tools that achieve great results within few days.

Throughout the ages, trade fairs & exhibitions have been recognized as one of the most efficient and powerful tools for effectively doing business. As a face-to-face meeting point, trade fairs and exhibitions are basically a target opportunity for achieving your trade objectives. They are a cost-effective means to reach your market audience – in one time and in one place.

Benefits of Exhibiting

In this partition you will find several researches, articles, case studies prepared by global authorized organizations and International experts in the meetings Industry, through which you can rebuild your image about this industry and examine how it can develop your businessdouble your success and add great value to your organization’s activity whatever it is.

Exhibitions are a lucrative basis for business as it offers the exhibitors a variety of advantages enabling them to:

  • Generate & Finalize sales and distribution agreements.
  • Launch their new projects and make a good marketing for it.
  • Raise their profile within the competitors.
  • Penetrate into new industry markets.
  • Form new business alliances.
  • Renew business ties.
  • Meet new partners and potential buyers.
  • Keep ahead of competitors.
  • Interact with peers during the day.
  • Learn new ways to become more efficient and profitable.

Exhibitions present a range of properties like no other marketing instrument in this form and connection;

Ü  They are unique platforms to develop and cherish customer relations.

Ü  They offer possibilities of sales and sales promotion as well as positioning of company and product brands.

Ü  They create networks between all relevant market participants.

Ü  They leverage media attention for the whole branch, in a way that can’t be reached by companies on their own and they also act internally by can’t be reached by companies on their own and they also act internally by concentrating all marketing activities in apurposeful way. The Benefit model not only shows the variety of benefits of an exhibition, it also represents a valuable help for defining the exhibition participation concepts which can be derived from the aimed benefit-emphasis.

Trade fairs and exhibitions are more than just a marketing tool; they are your entire marketplaces at your fingertips. As a source of market knowledge and corporate positioning they fulfill your needs in a centralized site.

Think about your hottest prospects…!!!!!!!!

What is their most valuable commodity? Their time… That’s why in business-to-business markets, it can be so hard for your sales team to get in to see them. And in consumer markets, the visitors are spending their leisure time, which is arguably even more precious.

Given the value of their time, what does it say about a prospect who invests a day to visit an exhibition?

Ü  It says they’re motivated.

Ü  It says they have a reason to be there.

Ü  It says they’re serious buyers in active buying mode.

This is the power of trade fairs and exhibitions, there’s no other medium concentrates your efforts on the most active buyers in your market at any given time.